Hairloss treatment

Are you starting to lose your hair? You find your hair thinner than before?

It’s time to ACT. It is now possible to slow down the hair lost and to increase the diameter of the root of the hair, with a 100% natural biocompatible treatment.

Hairloss treatment

The treatment can be available to men as well as women. It can be used against hereditary hair lost (alopecia, baldness), or hair lost due to a stressful situation or after medication. It is interesting to know that androgenic alopecia will reached more than 30% of male over 30 years old and reaches 50% of male over 50 years old. It also affects woman. The normal density of hair is between 300 to 400 per square cm. We talk about hair loss if there is a decrease of more than 25% of the density.

How do we lose our hair?

Every day, we lose approximately between 50 to 100 hair. Normally, these hair will grow back with the same thickness as the ones we lost. In the case of alopecia, or baldness, the new hair will grow back thinner and thinner, until it does not grow back at all. This is what we call miniaturisation. Hair lost is often genetic (androgine alopecia), and can affect man as well as woman. Male and female baldness usually progresses in a definitive pattern. Hair lost may be related to stress, alopecia post childbirth, localized alopecia (alopecia areata), alopecia post chemotherapy or medication. All types of alopecia can be treated with the hairloss treatment. After cancer, we treat patient that have been in remission for one year.

The treatment

The treatment is to remove a small amount of your blood in a tube intended for this purpose. It is not necessary to be fasting. It will then be injected on your scalp in the affected area. An injection “gun” will be used as to allow a faster, more accurate and pain-free treatment. We will ask you to wash your hair the morning of the treatment and not to dye your hair 7 days prior to your treatment. You will not be able to wash your hair for 24 hours after the treatment and you will not be able to dye your hair for a week after the treatment. It is an autologous treatment, from you to you, therefore avoiding any risk of allergies or rejection.


Your blood has active growth factors that are intended to revitalize, heal and regenerate your dysfunctional cells. The injection of your growth factors will help reduce the hair lost and increase the hair growth. With this regrowth each hair will be thicker and thicker. The blood sample injected on your scalp can reverse hair miniaturisation. The hairloss treatment is therefore a compound 100% biocompatible and genetically programmed to correct hair lost (alopecia and baldness).

Frequency of treatment

We suggest six treatments with 2 weeks interval to achieve maximum results. Subsequently we suggest a maintenance treatment every 6 months to treat the alopecia.


The first treatment will normalize hair lost. The 2nd and 3rd treatments will reverse the miniaturisation of hair. One can therefore expect an average increase of 25% of the density of your hair. After the first treatment, you will feel a difference in the texture of your scalp and your roots. The maximum results will be visible from 3 to 4 weeks after the third treatment.

Results may vary from one person to another since the treatment depends on the ability of your cells to regenerate with your own growth factors.

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