Vampire facial treatment

Vampire facial treatment

Anti-aging Vampire facial

Regenerate your cells with a vampire facial treatment. It will regenerate your skin, making it smoother with more tonus. Your skin tone will be brighter, especially the dark circles around the eyes that will diminish giving your skin tone a Wow factor.

Vampire facial treatment

The treatment is available for women as well as for men. It can be use as a anti-aging treatment for your face, your neck, your cleavage and your hands.

The treatment

The treatment consists in taking a small sample of your blood in a special tube especially used for that. You do not need to be fasting. We will then centrifuged your blood sample as to separate the components of your blood. The sample will then be injected all over your face or the other regions to be treated, like your neck, cleavage or your hands for anti-aging treatment. An injection “gun” will be used to allow faster, more precise and non-painful treatment. It is an autologous treatment, 100% natural from your body to your body, therefore there can be no allergies or reject.


Your blood has active growth factor that will stimulate, heal up and regenerate your dysfonctionnal cells. The treatment is therefore a compound 100% biocompatible and genetically program to regenerate your cells. The results is an improvement of fine wrinkles and deeper wrinkles as well as scars. It will also improve the complexion, the texture of the skin on your face, neck, cleavage and hands. The results is a rejuvenating effect. It is a 100% natural anti-aging treatment.

Growth factors

Growth factors are key elements in the tissue repair. They intervened in the making of new cells, in our case, the fibroblasts. The fibroblast cells are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. Therefore the growth factors promote the production of the extracellular matrix where is situated the hyaluronic acid. The collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are responsible for retaining a great quantity of water in the skin, allowing it to be more thick, elastic and tonic. All of this, thanks to the growth factors, YOURS.

Frequency of anti-aging treatment

We suggest one treatment per month for three consecutive months to obtain maximum results. Afterward, a maintenance treatment every 6 months is suggested to keep the benefits.


This treatment is a 100% anti-aging treatment. It regenerates the skin making it smoother and more toned. The skin tone will have a healthier look and a less tired look because the dark circle will diminish. The results will differ from one person to the other because the treatment is due to the capacity of your own cells to regenerate with your own growth factors.


The persons with past or present facial cancer, porphyria, a dysfunction in your blood or blood disease, a platelets’ disease, or someone on anti-coagulant therapy will not be able to receive a treatment.

It is always possible and often recommended to combine your treatment with Juvederm and Botox treatment to optimize the results (Vampire Facelift).

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